Ceramic coating, is it worth the try?

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Is Ceramic Coating Worth It?

Hey there! Do you believe ceramic coating is hyped up? You aren’t alone. It seems fairly mainstream nowadays, although there are some myths about it. Today, we offer you an objective, chatty look at ceramic coating to decide in case it is for you. We have all heard the marketing talk — now let’s get on the scoop!

Oftentimes, ceramic coating can be worth the investment if done by a professional auto dealing company. It shields dirt and those pesky little scratches and makes cleaning your car easy. But there is the catch – it isn’t for every car or owner. That decision truly boils down to the way you drive and maintain your vehicle.

A number of people in the ceramic coating business love to boast about their products like it is a magic bullet for your automobile paint. But believe us, marketing isn’t always right. Myths abound regarding ceramic coatings and the best way to care for them.

Therefore, to determine whether ceramic coating is a sound choice, one must balance the recommendations of the sales agents and installers with practical experience. That is what we can assist you with!

Ceramic Coating

Is Ceramic Coating Worth Buying?

There’s simply no one-size-fits-all approach to safeguarding your paint with ceramic coating. It can be a game changer for a few vehicles – after a couple of washes you will wonder the way you possibly lived without it. Or maybe perhaps you might be slightly disappointed for others who thought it would make a larger difference. So which automobiles could benefit from ceramic coating and which wouldn’t?

Ceramic coating is excellent for a car that :

-Has paint that’s in fairly good shape.
-Gets driven regularly in all conditions and is not overlooked.
-Is washed regularly with appropriate products and techniques.
-Could use a fast and easy clean.
-Nevertheless, an automobile may benefit from a sealant when :

It is your daily driver and it takes a beating.
gets really dirty and is not immediately cleaned out.
is susceptible to scratches or dents.
belongs to somebody who wants to save money.
And an automobile might only require wax if:

It’s a show car that needs minimal protection.
However, appearance matters more than long-term preservation.
It might have some prior sealing and simply needs a little touch-up.
The Benefits of Ceramic Coating

Everybody loves to discuss the advantages of ceramic coating and there are countless positive reviews available online. But here is the thing – most people spreading this information might wish to sell you anything. Do they tell you the entire story then? Well, perhaps not precisely.

Ceramic coatings definitely provide more protection than waxes or sealants provide. They also last much longer – usually years. There are even warranties on professional-grade coatings. They smear dirt and water like champs – making cleaning easy. Additionally, they’re smooth enough to keep away from smears and swirls while washing.

My Own Experience

Personally, I have coated two of my 3 automobiles with ceramic coatings. I have a BMW Motorcycle along with a Toyota Land Cruiser which has ceramic coatings. But my third car, a Toyota BRZ, will never see the ceramic coating. Curious as to why.

After talking with a business rep, I returned to my older paint sealant. A few words about the BRZ: it still has most of its very soft, original single-stage paint, has been buffed so many times the paint is thin, is garage-kept, and is driven generally in good weather.

So why didn’t I go for the coating? It came right down to these reasons:

However, the company informed me it might be hard to wipe off the coating on single-stage paint.

With such a soft and thin paint it was likely to leave new scratches when stripping away the excess coating. If anything goes wrong, the only way to correctly remove the coating is by compounding; the automobile paint can not take it.

I had nothing substantial to gain. While the coating makes cleaning simpler, the car seldom gets dirty. Additionally, it shields your vehicle from UV rays, chemical substances, and bird droppings – not issues that are ordinarily encountered with this automobile.

I realize the coating lasts more than a sealant or wax, but my car is usually in the garage. From my experience sealants and waxes last three or four times as long in such conditions. The coating also protects against swirl marks and wash marring, but the risks simply did not justify the advantages.

The result was ultimately clear. Ceramic coatings provide a number of advantages, but the BRZ could not completely exploit them — the risks had been too significant.

Final Thoughts

That is it – a simple explanation of ceramic coating and whether it is worthwhile for your automobile. Recall that no product can create an impenetrable force field close to your vehicle! How you can protect your car: via care and maintenance. No magic pill will replace that.

We really hope this can permit you to make the best selection in ceramic coating. Whether you go for it or select different kinds of protection, remember that the most important factor is keeping your automobile looking its best and enjoying the road trip!

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